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There are still occasions when you need to send good old-fashioned letters in order to communicate with customers, prospects and employees. We are a small and independent marketing communications company that specialises in this niche market. We send out paperwork and samples for our clients, who are often ‘too busy to stuff envelopes’.

Our clients typically find it difficult to fit in mailing activities as well as fulfilling all their other duties. Understandably, their marketing teams would rather not neglect vital projects in order to stuff envelopes. If this sounds like you, then why not get in touch? Handling B2B mailings and sending out literature are our specialities. We do these tasks well so you don’t have to worry about doing them at all.

Established for over 20 years, we enjoy repeat business from some fantastic clients who entrust us with the dispatch of their literature, samples, CDs, leaflets, catalogues, promotional items, annual reports and wage slips, etc.

Our people are dedicated, on the ball, able to prioritise and all pitch in to get a job done on time, whatever the deadline. Our can-do attitude and flexible approach to last-minute amendments is what sets us apart from the competition. You can trust us to get it right.

We may not be the biggest mailing house around, but we strive to be the best. We undertake all our clients’ projects with TLC and a passionate attention to detail, so why not lighten your load and give us a try? Call today on 01925 852942 or email enquiries@marketingresults.co.uk for a no-obligation estimate.

Our Services

Direct Mail

Even in this digital age, there is still a need to mail out particular items in envelopes. Not everything can be attached to an email, especially sensitive documents or confidential information. Once commonplace, the now niche direct mail B2B market is our speciality.

Clients trust us time and time again to prepare and dispatch some complex and sensitive mailings for them. Our mailing fulfilment service is built on our can-do attitude, industry knowledge and incredible customer service. You will benefit because we fulfil briefs on time, and pay attention to the tiniest detail. We can take the tedium and stress of ‘stuffing envelopes’ out of your hands.

Unusually for a mailing house we do not have a minimum order value, so you can even trust us with your small mailings that, despite their size, would nevertheless take up a lot of your in-house time and energy.

We handle every mailing with exceptional care and attention to detail. If you have repeat projects or the occasional ad-hoc project, we’re here and happy to help.

Response Handling

The success of a marketing campaign often depends on the speed and quality of the response package. When you’ve generated sales enquiries, through advertising, exhibitions or print campaigns, it is vital to respond immediately to these valuable opportunities to have the best chance to win their business.

If you currently manage your response handling in house, we can cut your administration costs, postage costs and time, freeing your people up for other tasks and saving you money. We provide warehouse fulfilment, mailing, storage and distribution services and have the time and expertise to respond on your behalf via email or by post, and send personalised and accurate information to your enquirers within 24 hours of their enquiry.

Our response service ensures your information gets to your enquirers quickly, and is bound to impress them with its presentation, speed and accuracy.

Literature Dispatch & Storage

Are you guilty of neglecting requests for bulk quantities of literature and samples from your sales managers, stockists or distributors? If you would rather concentrate on more interesting, urgent and less fiddly tasks, we can be of help.

Simply forward these requests to us, and we will prepare the correct packages and send each one out by the best and most cost-effective method within 24 hours of receipt. We promise to prepare your packages to the highest standards. This takes the pressure off you and satisfies your stockists and distributors, putting you in the best position to maintain customer satisfaction and convert their future enquiries into orders.

You can store pallets of your samples, brochures, newsletters, annual reports and leaflets, etc. within our warehouse and free up your expensive warehouse, office or factory space.

In addition we also offer the following services:

marketing services, mailing activities, literature, mailsort, colour photography, mailing list management, product card handling, laser printing, seminar packs, telephone marketing, response handling, data entry, data cleansing, sample dispatch, lead handling, mail shots, storage, leaflets, laminating, labelling, fulfillment, literature dispatch, database management, database building, returns handling

Case Studies

We offer a wide range of bespoke and practical services to take the pressure off our clients whenever they are overloaded.

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